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Der Klang des Krieges

Omar Znkawan

ist aus Syrien zu seinem Bruder nach Moabit geflohen. Mit einem Stipendium des Berliner Senats versucht er nun, westliche und arabische Musik zusammenzubringen.

Von Mascha Malburg

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Weltoffenes Berlin

Omar was a fellow of the program „Weltoffenes Berlin 2019“ of the Berlin Senate of Culture and Europe and is cooperating with „Werkstatt der Kulturen “.

The Senate Berlin Department for Culture and Europe has launched a program for economic and cultural freedom designed to help professionals working in art, media, and culture who intend or are being forced to leave their countries of origin become established in Berlin’s art and culture scene. In addition, this program also aims to raise Berlin’s profile as a tolerant and outward-looking city that gives people the freedom to engage in their cultural activity. Berlin - Germany 2019



İmece Vakti

Omar with Insijam band won the first place in a competition that was funded from UNHCR in Istanbul-Turkey 2017.


Opera House Damascus

Honored from the Opera House in Damascus  as a conductor of the choir "Helm und Haneen" Safita-Syria in 2017

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